Darkwood Cases

Premium Hand Made Wood & Leather Cases for iPhone

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"This case is just as stunning as the digital representation.
It's just as light and slim as described. However you can't
experience the best feature of this case until it is in hand.
The finish is amazing. Solid but smooth."

Jon-Yin Mills Chong

Vintage Messenger Bags

Premium Quality Full Grain Leather

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"I'm really into leather so I purchased this bag. I was quite surprised how much room is inside and how much I can hold in the bag. I can fit my 15 inch Macbook pro, iPad Air 2, and three chargers for my various devices without even changing the shape of the bag. 

Super happy with my purchase."

Christopher Walmsley

Minimalist Wallet - Vintage Brown

Premium full grain leather was used to create this masterpiece in simplicity. Distressed vintage leather wears with use and acquires a beautiful patina and polish over time. Artfully cut and stitched by hand, this piece was designed to eliminate bulky pockets and it doesn't disappoint. It features two pockets in the front, one on the inside two in the back. The result is a modern minimalist wallet designed to be a staple in your daily life.

MK3 Carved Wood Cases


"My God. Finally a case that reflects not only the functionality of the iPhone,
but it's beauty as well. Apple people don't want clunky awkward accessories.
We love our phones, our iPads and our Macs. Not only for their technological
superiority but for the aesthetics.

Bravo Darkwood."


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Our Story

You could say we’re obsessed with design. We get that a lot. We’re a persnickity bunch, but that’s what makes us special. Like you, we’re die hard Apple fans. And like you, we were faced with the challenge of protecting our beloved devices from the rigors of everyday use. But how do you protect your sacred Apple device without compromising its design?

What started out as a simple idea has grown into our mission — to pair sleek, organic cases with your iPhone. To enhance, but never detract. To create a case as beautiful as the iPhone it protects. That’s our motto.

Let us know what you’d like to see in your next DARKWOOD product. We’d love to hear from you.